Special vehicles

Special solutions for heavy-duty or oversized freight

Titan Z 64 – 600 F 8X8

Sometimes it is not enough just to produce the equipment, often delivery to the place of use is a very complex and difficult task. Weight and dimensions have a major impact on this. Especially for such cases we develop the concept of delivery to the place with the help of special tractors and modular self-propelled platforms for oversized cargo.

Reactor installation

In each case, an individual approach is required, even for the installation of this type of equipment through specially designed devices for cranes, lifting and auxiliary equipment.

Modular self-propelled platforms

  • 2 to 6-axle platform truck
  • Various low bed, platform or bolster combinations available
  • Types of drive pulled, driven or power-assisted
  • Also available as a split variant
  • 45 t axle line load

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